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Our high-performance corrosion resistant coatings are available through a far-reaching network of more than 170 licensed coating applicators worldwide, ensuring that our products are available wherever our customers need them. Organizations licensed to apply Magni coatings receive a high level of training and uphold an uncompromising quality standard, ensuring superior performance and consistency regardless of where or when they’re applied.

Our team works side by side with licensed coating applicators and leading OEMs, from Research & Development through application, to ensure that our coatings apply easily and as intended; we remain at our customers’ side throughout the duration of the product life cycle.

If you’re an OEM representative, parts supplier or applicator interested in learning about how our zinc flake technology coatings can extend the life cycle of your products, reduce warranty issues, and improve customer and end-user satisfaction, please contact the Magni office nearest you.

Dip-Spin Application

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Rack-Spin Application

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Spray Application

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Dip-Spin application
Dip-Spin, nonautomotive only
Dip-Drain, Spray or Flow Coat application
Coil Coat application
Rack Spin application

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Alpha Technology Co., Ltd.
Hai’an, Jiangsu

Alpha Technology Co., Ltd.
Suzhou, Jiangsu


Kunshan, Jiangsu

Guangzhou Mei Li
Guangzhou, Guangdong


Yantai, Lonkou

Magni Tianjin

Taicang, Jiangsu