Since our last newsletter, Magni has been up to a lot which is why we are continuing to update you on what is new and what we have been doing!

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New Magni Coatings

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As always, Magni is focused on producing coatings that prolong product life-cycles across industries. Here are a few of our newest coatings:

Magni 105 – new water-based, single-layer silver, brake rotor coating

Magni 107 – new water-based, single-layer black brake rotor coating

Magni 554 – new two-layer silver fastener coating

Magni 556 – new three-layer silver fastener coating

Magni Events/Trade Shows

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Engineers at EuroBrake

Wind Energy Hamburg
September 27-30, 2016

Fastener Fair Italy
September 28-29, 2016

National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo
October 25-27, 2016

Korea Metal Week
October 28-31, 2016

China Coat
November 3 – December 2, 2016

Magni hosted China Surface Engineering Association, Special Professional Coating Committee

Magni’s Support and Presence in China

On June 13, 2016, Magni hosted over 40 Chinese customers from the China Surface Engineering Association’s China Special Coating Professional Committee. Yearly, the group travels to visit important global automotive suppliers & partners and during this trip they were able to take a tour of two of our facilities, Depor Industries (Troy, MI) and Magni Industries (Detroit, MI). It was a great opportunity for us to introduce them to Magni’s global management team and to show them Magni’s R&D and application facilities. We also reviewed Magni’s plans for expanding our presence in China, including our new Technical Center in Hai’an (Nantong), Jiangsu Province that will open in 2017.

Honda Growth

Honda Materials Engineering confirms that high performance Zinc-Aluminum Composite Film Specification HES D2008-2 has been replaced by “T2A” (the full spec number is 9000Z-T2AA-A000).

New part drawings already call out the new T2A specification, but since the Honda system still has HES D2008-2 on many part drawings, suppliers are asked to use the newer T2A specification for zinc rich coating selection. Magni 568 is approved to the T2A specification, and Magni licensees not yet in production for Honda have an opportunity for paint consolidation as the basecoat is common with all of our other automotive OEM customers.

Please contact Bob Keagy or Masahiro Hasegawa with any questions.